Damian Clarke Dorset, United Kingdom
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I am an artist and musician, sometimes combining both by playing soundscapes on the hammer dulcimer and hurdy gurdy within a gallery exhibition. I am currently working with Stroke Clubs to create digital banners of their work with me in workshops. I recently recovered from losing the use of my left arm and hand by creating paintings and music with the left hand.

I am fascinated by story telling and describing. When painting I use a wide range of drawn marks to describe my responses to ideas, to see where they take me and what they evoke. My paintings sometimes make people cry and although I don't want to upset people, I love to connect in that personal and intense way. I often use words within my paintings, in the same way that I do with music. I am currently working on a series of atmospheric paintings, using my own poetry and that of Seamus Heaney. I like to layer my paintings, one reason for the choice of acrylic paint. I use flow and dynamics, in the same way that I do with music.

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