Ceramic Artist Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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Elizabeth Murphy is a UK based ceramic artist who creates vessels that are transformed through investigations of different surface, glazing and firing techniques. These totemic forms become canvases to explore narratives woven with threads of history, literature, music, nature and the human condition.

An Oxfordshire based ceramic artist, my practice is based around exploring narratives woven with threads of history, literature, music, nature and the human condition.

Starting with an assemblage of thrown vessels, each piece is an investigation where no surface is the same and no two works are alike. The vessels become the backdrop for explorations in texture and surface pattern achieved through different hand building methods as well as glazing and firing techniques. Working intuitively and expressionistically, my work is often characterised by rich colours and complex glazing giving the pieces a depth within the surface decoration that enhances the form. I am inspired by the world around me infusing my work with the textures and forms that I see in nature and in human cultures.

A small batch ceramicist, I also create unique pieces for everyday use including bowls, vases, plates and candlesticks. I truly believe that something simple as eating a meal out of a beautiful bowl can bring a spark of joy to a person’s day.

I have been shaped by my extensive background in the art and design market paired with my curatorial experience and working alongside designers and makers with their own practices. This invaluable education has shaped my aesthetic eye and given me a wealth of knowledge.


The Artful Dinner Party, Stoneware, slip, underglaze and galze, 2022


Textural Totem, Ceramic, 2023


For sale

We will inherit the earth, Ceramic, 2023


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