Elizabeth de Broise United Kingdom
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Informed by a fascination with the human/dog relationship and a lifelong love of drawing, I work mostly in colour pencil with a portfolio consisting of over 200 pet portrait commissions alongside project work exploring the dog's role in society.

My practice is inspired by a fascination with the human/dog relationship and a lifelong love of both dogs and drawing. My work is meticulous and detailed, often meditative in practice, and plays to my perfectionist tendencies. Informed by an admiration for realism and figurative art and the satisfaction of recreating subjects on paper, I aim to capture characters, relationships and moments from life, true to life, and work mostly with colour pencil to achieve this.

I believe the process of creating is as important as the final outcome, and often set myself challenges to test different methods. I usually render my drawings in square sections rather than layering, enabling me to give equal attention to every detail, and exploring the relationship between abstract and representational art.

My portfolio consists of over 200 pet portraits commissioned by owners looking for a lasting memory of their beloved companion, alongside project work driven by a desire to celebrate the many ways that dogs help, protect and enrich people’s lives. I am particularly intrigued by the unique nature of our relationship with dogs, that they have become so ingrained in our daily lives and how we have utilised their capacity for learning and distinctive characteristics to fulfil various roles in society that we as humans cannot.

My work has recently made a shift from formal portraits to depictions of detailed scenes on a larger scale, incorporating a narrative element and portraying moments of interaction between owner and pet, an unspoken connection that I feel lends itself to representation through visual art.


A Stolen Moment, Colour pencil, 2023, Not for Sale


One of the Kids, Colour pencil, 2023, Not for Sale


Lucas in Profile, Acrylic paint, 2023, Not for Sale


Bentley & Royce, Colour pencil, 2022



Bally & Harvey, Colour pencil, 2023



Summer & Ghost, Colour pencil, 2023



Projects and exhibitions


Tails to Tell

01/01/2020 — ongoing

Tails to Tell is a series of projects telling stories of inspirational dogs through portraits, exploring and celebrating the varied roles they play in society, the many of ways in which they help, protect and change people’s lives, and the astounding skills that they possess.

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Exhibition History

01/08/2016 — ongoing

Group Exhibitions: December 2023 - Inside the Lines 7 - UK Colour Pencil Society - Online / November 2023 - My Animals - Gallery Omnibus - Online / September 2023 - Win It! Art Prize - Aire Place Studios - Leeds / August 2023 - Annual Open Exhibition - UK Colour Pencil Society - Online / July 2023 - Holmfirth Artweek - The Civic -...

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Pet Portrait Commissions

01/09/2015 — ongoing

Hand drawn pet portraits in colour pencil.

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