Emily Morgan Suffolk, United Kingdom
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I'm a fashion and portrait photographer who loves to creates imaginative imagery with a unique twist. I have a passion for using my Polaroid Land-camera 330 and peel apart polaroid film and experimenting with the effects of this film. I also love collaborating with other creatives such as designer to bring my visions to life.

I first came across using a land-camera and polaroids when I was sixteen at college. I picked it up, took one shot and I knew this medium was for me; It was a Billy-Elliot moment and electricity definitely ran through me. I've been 'perfecting' this medium ever since and my passion and love has grown over the years. To start with, I was obsessed with making sure each frame was pin sharp and the correct exposure, and when the frame was less than perfect, I discarded it and this was the beginnings of my degree project. 'Beneath the Surface' was the title of my degree project which focused on the intimacy between the photographers lens, the sitter and the security of my home studio. The fragile and ambiguous imagery steams from a deeper, more complex emotion than first meets the eye. The sitter in the frame are a mirror image reflected on myself and I use the sitter to tell my story and feelings without uttering a word. Moving on from my degree project, I've created a spin off series with the working title 'Paper faces on parade' which is about focusing on facades and putting a face on to hide emotions that I struggle with everyday. With this series, I've started to collaborate with designers to create and bring to life what a 'facade' looks like, in colours and chaos.


Paper faces on parade, Polaroid peel apart film (FP-100c & FP 3000b) , 2019/18


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