Nicola Garvey West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am an early career artist, having graduated from Leeds Arts University 2021. I had a previous career which is un-related to art, and I come from a family where art was not the norm. I do tend to 'go against the grain'. My practice is multi-media.

My practice is multi faceted, I don't fit into one box. I like to paint, sculpt and take photographs. I gaze in awe and wonderment at the supermarket shelves stocked with glazed pots and wonder which glazes they use. I stare at buildings in disbelief and incredulation at the craftsmanship and care to detail that went before. I am curious about processes, styles, colours and form.

My current interest is ceramic based. Since graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2021 I realise just how reliant I am on myself for sourcing materials, processes and fabrication. That said, the pandemic of 2019-2021 provided me with survival instincts, known as creativity.


untitled, ceramic, 2022


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