Hannah Feuerstein United Kingdom
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I am living and practicing between Germany & the Scottish Highlands and working across a variety of media. Printmaking, poetry and ceramics lie at the core of my practice

I am interested in the distribution and passing on of knowledge through generations- both on an abstract level and on a personal family bound level. My aim is to visualize the shadowing of hands that occurs when I follow a recipe step by step. In doing so my hands essentially shadow my mothers and grandmothers, shadowing their mothers and grandmothers…. My urge to make stems from an urge to preserve, to keep safe – I have an utter fear of loss For my work I explore this notion mainly through ceramics, printmaking and installation. Electro-etching allows me to shift away from practices that may be harmful for the environment. My current project is the experimentation within that field.


A handful of salt , 2021, 65-75 Pounds per print

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Fear of loss, Installation: red earthenware clay, steel, wood, lithographs, light, 2021


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