Hazel Roberts Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
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In my practice I explore the personal, the political, and always the playful. I am heavily influenced by Dada, Bauhaus, Constructivism, French cinema, and the need to bite back from all the bad advice given at art school.

I am always looking for new directions to take my practice and have worked in installation, photography, and even performance. Recently I have focused on developing my practice through printmaking, this is an ideal way of slowing down, exploring narratives and trapping ideas.

I started out my image-making career as a painter, graduating from Cardiff with a BA hons in Fine Art with first class honours. From here I sought employment as a graphic designer where I learnt the benefits of combining the freedoms of fine art with the sensibility of graphic design. This led me to study for an MA in Design where my focus was on collaborative practice.

I have worked on a number of projects, the latest being a commission for the TUC celebrating 150 years of congress and have exhibited my work both nationally and internationally. My most recent achievement is winning the Left Bank Leeds art prize. I am currently based at Bankley Gallery and Studios in Manchester.

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