Heather Steele Warwickshire, United Kingdom
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I am an practising public artist working with galleries, schools and community groups. I am highly experienced in Art workshops for Young Children, Primary, Secondary, Post 16, SEN, including Adults of all ages and capabilities. I've been a PGCE Secondary Art and Design Teacher, a Higher Level TA 3 Teaching Assistant / Art Therapy. Taught BTEC Art and Design Level 2&3, A Level Sculpture.


Heather Steele has lived and worked in Warwickshire for most of her life. Part of the farming community, she has always been deeply aware of the power of Nature, the changing seasons, the cycles of creation, death and regeneration. Her fascination with natural phenomena and her family experience of the rituals of farming informs her work as an artist. Made with organic and found materials collected from the farm, countryside, gardens, the cultivated and the wild. The sculptures, mixed media wall hangings, paintings, installations and ground drawings - are made in response to their intended environment, be that a public space, an art gallery or in a green site.

My new figurative sculpture looks at the fragility of life, of ourselves and of Nature. It will reflect our external and internal parallel existence within this new world of pandemics, global warming, habitat loss and physical strength and vulnerability.

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