Jane Millum United Kingdom
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I am an artist and illustrator working in a range of media to explore visual and emotional responses to memories; locations; objects and loved ones. I create collections based around a theme or story.

Current and most recent projects:

My Mothers Vases – a large series of collage based still life pieces celebrating the weekly flower arrangements made and displayed by my mother in her beloved collection of vases. The work aims to reflect on the joy of familiar things; nostalgia and the complexity of emotions for a passed loved one who is remembered through daily use of objects they held dear.

100 Days of Grey – Developed by a desire to ‘make friends with grey’ as experienced through the UK weather over many days of the year, the project began as 100 days devoted to exploring grey through visual art practice. The findings are being used in the making of further still life works as well as collage and ink landscapes and an artist’s book illustrating a poem informed by our emotional relationship with the ocean.

Field Fayre - a series of illustrated poems bound into handmade artist’s books and available as prints and cards. It is centred around the Vale of Belvoir and “fox’s ear” area of Leicestershire, England and its furry and feathered inhabitants. Informed by nostalgia and personal geography, the work aims to craft a celebration of my love of the English countryside and of storytelling, as shaped by my late father.

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