Jacqui Francesca James East Sussex, United Kingdom
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I am a ceramist who uses unorthodox methods in my work, also I use mixed mediums in the ceramics They are all hand made and glazed. My work is unique as every piece is different and I only make one. My heads have lots of features and need to be seen by the eye to appreciate the details. My work was in the 12 edition of clay craft magazine .in2007 I was admitted to LaMaison des Artist based in Pari

I have a studio in the garden in Bexhill where I work or play with clay I love experimenting with different methods Incorporate different mediums when I am building a piece. My work is mainly surreal I try to make pieces that are different. I also do monoprinting and my prints were used in French TV series La Hopital. I do etching and painting occasionally. I have a you tube video jacquijamesceramics

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