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Based in Wakefield, Jake Mullins is a painter concerned with space and how we construct, observe and interact with the places we inhabit. Mullins documents interior spaces on the boundary of the public and the private realms to showcase those things that are often overlooked in todays fast paced world.

As a painter Jake Mullins is interested in depicting abstracted compositions and still life pieces commenting on the idea of ‘good taste’ and modern design. Growing up in a small home in rural Yorkshire, Mullins is fascinated with the idea of the ‘perfect home’ being represented through department store set-ups such as John Lewis and glossy home-oriented magazines similar to that of holiday brochures. In contrast to the home he is also intrigued by how public spaces such as hotel receptions, office spaces and beauty salons seem to follow a similar formula in their construction. They all appear to contain minimal decor; a potted plant sat alone in the corner surrounded by empty space and light wood surfaces.

His work uses motifs such as potted plants, designer sofas, puffy cushions and minimalist shelving to suggest wealth and sophistication, providing the ultimate example of the contemporary home containing no visible clutter that is usually found in the domestic space. Developing a technique of using masking tape as a stenciling tool, Mullins attempts to capture bold colours and superimposed shapes which is a key element to his work. He uses clean lines and simple forms to play with notions of the artificiality of what we see and read about in television and advertising.

More recently Mullins has become interested in Marc Auge’s analysis of modern life, especially around the notion of non-places, described by Auge as places in which we spend a lot of our time participating in travel, communication and consumption. Wandering around the city gathering primary research in the form of photography and drawing is important as a process for documenting spaces within the public sphere that could considered non-places. Working from these photographs as well as his own sketches enables him to focus more on colour, shape and perspective as well as using the medium of paint to showcase something often overlooked in today’s fast paced world.

Jake Mullins is a Fine Art graduate from Leeds Arts University currently living and working in Wakefield. Since January 2018 his work has been exhibited in multiple group exhibitions such as 'Something Called Home', Lancaster, 'Living Terra', York and the 'Huddersfield Summer Exhibition'. His work has also been shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016, the Secret Art Prize 2017 and the Sunny Art Prize 2018.


Reading Room, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016


Design Icon No. 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016


Louche Joy's House, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016


Window Shopping, Oil on Linen, 2017


Keep Clear, Oil on Canvas, 2017


Portland, Oil on Canvas, 2017


Wellington Place, Oil on Canvas, 2017


The Tiled Hall, Oil on Canvas, 2017


The Bridge, Oil on Canvas, 2018


Purple Pot, Oil on Canvas, 2017


Five, Oil on Canvas, 2018


Decorative Pot, Oil on Canvas, 2018


Wembley, Oil on Canvas, 2018


The Art House, Oil on Canvas, 2018


Projects and exhibitions


Living Terra

09/06/2018 — 04/08/2018

The Living Terra exhibition featured Still Life paintings by Francesca Currie, Sally Anne Fitter, Giuliana Lazzerini and Jake Mullins. In association with Yorks First Horticultural Festival "Bloom York 2018."

Blue Tree Gallery, York Details

In Tandem

23/03/2018 — 26/04/2018

In Tandem was a solo exhibition showcasing a mixture of old and new paintings by Jake Mullins. The work had a strong still life focus providing a spotlight on those spaces often overlooked in todays society. Live acoustic music by Seamus McKenna on the opening night created a warm and friendly atmosphere to enjoy an evening of art, music and food.

Tandem, Meanwood Details

Something Called Home

15/03/2018 — 16/08/2018

Something Called Home: Home, or to feel at home, can emerge out of all kind of situations and circumstances, and might be triggered by many unexpected and diverse things. One certain thing is that it will bring a different set of feelings and responses from everyone.

Home? What is it and where is it? Is it a tangible bricks and mortar sort...

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King Street Stuidio, Lancaster Details

Establish: Emerge

04/11/2017 — 31/12/2017

Establish: Emerge features work by former Leeds College of Art students Anthony Connolly and Jake Mullins. The former studied there from 1947 – 1952 and became a lecturer in 1954 rising to a senior position assisting in the development of new systems of national art and design education. Jake Mullins studied fine art from 2014 -2017 and was...

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Sunny Bank Mills, Leeds Details

Aon Community Art Award

05/10/2017 — 17/05/2018

The AON Community Arts Award is a programme aimed at providing workshops, mentoring and an exhibition for artists selected from Leeds College of Art, Glasgow School of Art and Manchester School of Art. Selected work is exhibited in the clients suite of the AON headquarters in the Leadenhall Building, London for the period of one year, alongside...

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The Leadenhall Building, London Details

Once More With Feeling

06/07/2017 — 10/07/2017

Taking place in the Old Truman Brewery as part of the Free Range shows, Once More With Feeling showcases the work of the graduating students from Leeds College of Art and the exhibition reflects the diversity, achievements and ambition that the institution encourages.

The Old Truman Brewery, London Details


09/06/2017 — 15/06/2017

Extra-Ordinary was the 2017 Leeds College of Art Degree Show in which the BA Fine Art showcased the work from graduating students. The show celebrated the diversity, achievements and ambition that the institution encourages.

Leeds Arts University, Leeds Details
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