Jenette Coldrick Morrell Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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​Jenette Coldrick Morrell has been been a compulsive artist and potter for over 60 years. Born in Cornwall in 1952, she was inspired by the artists she met as a child, who encouraged her to watch and participate in the creative process. Over the years she has experimented with and embraced many different mediums. Finding simpler ways of working, has enhanced the character of her work

Jenette's work explores the relationship between the mental and the physical.

"Do the marks I form commence with me or just conclude here? I have always been aware of the boundaries set by myself, for my wellbeing and by others which are imposed. This year I decided it was the time to catalogue my work before my cognitive powers become too damaged by age. I uncovered, acknowledged and accepted my subconscious narrative. Filaments of one work will be found in another. The thread of the mental, has become entwined in my physical world. Fibres in fabric, marks on paper and canvas and deliberate cracks and crevasses in my pottery, these are connected with my development through experience and heritage." Jenette works in mixed media on paper, board and canvas.

She has a small pottery studio, fitted with lots disability aid, pottery gadgets that help her to keep working as long as possible. Installation Art is also a long held passion which has been curtailed by the artists conflict with her own disabilities.


Regression 7, mixed media on paper, 2021, £280


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