Janet Harris South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am an art therapist and a practicing mixed media artist based in the north of England. I am currently exploring residual memories of landscapes and environments where I lived and worked pre-pandemic, to identify how the process of revisiting past places as a lockdown, armchair traveller helps us to continue to feel connected in spite of our current limitations.

My practice starts with photographs and plain air sketches, engaging me in exploring what draws me into a place. These are 'deconstructed' by identifying the various images that capture a place - colour, light, shapes - and reconstructing them based on my memories of how it felt to be there. I use watercolours, pencil, crayon, pastel and acrylic during this process. The sketches may become finished work, or they may be used as a reference to producing larger works which include acrylic on board, watercolours, collage and encaustic.


Coastal Geology, Watercolour, 2020, £50


Refracted Light, Watercolour, 2020, 300


End of the Bay, Watercolour, 2020, £500

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