Joanne Risley BA (hons) MA MAFA Cheshire, United Kingdom
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I am a sculptor working predominantly in bronze and Cor-ten steel, producing sculptures for both indoor and outdoor settings. I have also produced work for large public sculpture commissions and am available for private commissions. I provide workshops for schools and will shortly be running bronze casting courses with my husband and sculpting partner. In addition I make water features.

Generally inspired by nature my work is quite diverse. I like to play with scale, enjoying creating the monumental in miniature and the miniature on a monumental scale. I design, create and install all my own work, whether bronze casting or welding in steel. Sometimes I work in collaboration with a local furniture maker, creating bronze inserts for his oak tables. These inserts are like rivers running through oak landscapes with burring and knotting creating further interest, each one unique. I am interested in the repeat patterns and models which occur in nature, sometimes playing with this to give double meaning to my work, such as my giant pollen grains which are like rusted old sea mines. The finish of my pieces is important and the surfaces are worked, either textured and patinated or sanded and polished to create a tactile quality.


Cascade, Bronze on Cor-ten steel, 1999, £4,000.00


Embryo, Bronze, 1999, £3040.00


Pollen Bomb, Cor-ten steel, 2017, £10,000.00


Dragonflies on Blades, Bronze on Cor-ten steel, 2017, £550.00 - £1,850.00 (Individual elements)


Projects and exhibitions


Doddington Hall Sculpture Exhibition 2018


Outdoor sculpture exhibition curated by David Waghorn.

Doddington Hall, Doddington near Lincoln Details

'Otherworldly' Burghley Sculpture Exhibition 2018


A curated outdoor sculpture exhibition under the title and theme 'Otherworldly'

Burghley House, Stamford Details
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