Julia Keenan Surrey, United Kingdom
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This practice was selected for the 'Platform' Graduate Award by C.V.A.N. south east. An associate at ASPEX Portsmouth and CAS Arts Andover. Collaborator with Museum and Gallery spaces. Recipient of the U.C.A. Grad award 2015 Recipient of the Aspex Associate Bursary 2021

Although expressing ideas through painting at the moment this practice comes from a place firmly rooted in materials and three dimensional thinking. Interested to portray the body as a porous and fragile space, iconography and early renaissance painting influences. The post human experience, communicating within a digital world - truth and false narratives - the accent of AI - how expressive forms can be generators and transformers of social power.

Statement: 2023. Since the dawn of the internet the accessibility of information has accelerated to the point of overwhelming visual melt down. The constant stream of information and images feed into the voracious techno-documentation of the self.

The question is where the truth of what we see really lies? This practice is interested in theories such as ‘simulation’ and ‘hyperreality’ these offer a conflicting dynamic between notions of artificial and the real. These ideas are explored through images which are constructed using digital technologies and more recently expressed through traditional oil painting techniques, both mediums becoming increasingly entwined.

We are interested to investigate ways in which inanimate objects can trigger emotional responses and seem to hold a sense of presence or life. Employing familiar everyday objects and combining them in unfamiliar and contradictory scenarios to explore the weird and strange through the notion of the uncanny.


Everything is a Maquette , Photographic Sculpture , 2019


TENDER VESSELS - Julia Keenan, Photographic Sculpture in the form of a Cross , 2019


TENDER VESSELS - THE MOVIE, Experimental Film , 2020


Vermilion Hue, Mixed Media Sculpture , 2015


Vermilion Hue, Mixed Media Sculpture , 2015


Strange Chimera , Mixed Media Sculpture , 2017


Tender Vessels , Photomontage Film , 2019


Projects and exhibitions


Laboratory of Dissent 2019

01/11/2019 — 12/12/2019

A collaborative residency undertaken by the Chapel Arts Studios Associate Artists [C.A.S.] exploring 'Dissent' as a methodology. Artists worked in small collectives in various locations on campus and remotely. The cumulative production of work was brought together within the gallery for a 'happening' and conversation acting as a full stop to...

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Winchester School of Art, Winchester Details

The Secret Life of Materials 2019 Residency

01/03/2019 — 31/05/2019

The 'Platform' residency is awarded by the Contemporary Visual Arts Network [South East] to a selected Graduated from an educational institution within the South East, I was selected by ASPEX Gallery just after my Graduation in 2015. The opportunity allows time and space to reflect, make and explore practice within the public realm of the...

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Aspex Gallery - Artist Studio, Portsmouth U.K. Details

Everything is a Maquette 2018 - RESIDENCY

15/04/2018 — 18/05/2018

Selected proposal to explore practice within the public facing gallery situated at ASPEX, included an artist talk to visiting artist collective 'Jelly' from Reading.

Aspex Gallery - Artist Studio, Portsmouth U.K Details
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