Kate Wray West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Kate Wray is a visually impaired sculptor and installation artist based in Yorkshire. Wray's work ultimately derives from her past experiences of working with a vast array of people. Becoming infatuated with the human mind has made Wray question relationships, exploring those held between humans and nature:how the human species have developed a civilization that runs alongside a natural world.

All Wray’s works are tactile in their apperence both relating to the tactility within nature but also holding strong representations of Wray’s struggles with her impairment. Overall Wray's work aims to be an education, opening the viewers mind to further possibilities and allowing understanding and empathy. Regardless of whether they are human or non-human, or hold the same DNA structure, all are as one. Ultimately however that perspective will only be shaped by the viewer's perceptions, hopes and fears. As a sculptural artist, Wray primarily works with plaster, wire and other man made, generally industrial, materials. More recently due to the economic climate Wray has introduced a range of ergonomic homewares to her repertoire such as pots, lamps and furniture which are both readily available and available for commission.

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