Katy Doncaster Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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Katy is a visual artist, her artwork using natural forms, fibres and inspiration gleaned and gathered from the places that she works - woodlands, moors and shores. She makes wearable pewter talismans, and hanging, mixed media or print artworks. Katy also creates work for commissions, and teaches creative workshops, and is also a freelance forest school leader and horticultural therapist.

My work uses print, cyanotype, silversmithing and pewter casting, and I often combine these with textile crafts to create pieces inspired by specific places and habitats. My work attempts to reflect the changing landscape, that has been sculpted by people's working lives - domestic, agricultural and industrial. I strive to create work that focuses the impact of climate change, the reduction of biodiversity and the hidden habitats that can give hope for a sustainable future. I want to sharpen people's awareness of environmental damage, whilst empowering them to feel that they can make a difference, supporting their own jouneys into mental wellbeing and making positive change.

As well as work for exhibition and individuals, I create installations and larger commissions for organisations.

In addition, I practice as a horticultural therapist and forest school leader, in settings which also inspire my artistic practice.


Scottish Borders, Woodland Fragment, Cyanotype, 2022, £60 framed


For sale

Ivy Talisman, Pewter, acrylic, nettle cordage, 2021, £45 plus postage for gift boxed talisman. Framed installation is £200.


For sale

Blackthorn Talisman, Pewter, acrylic, nettle cordage. Talisman is lead-free pewter., 2021, £45 plus postage for gift boxed talisman. Framed installation is £200.


For sale

Star Weaver, Acrylic and natural wools, 2020 to 2021, various, from £20


For sale

South Gare Steel and Sea, cyanotype on paper, 2022, £75


For sale

Rock Landscape, copper, 2023, nfs


Apron, Cotton fabric, 2023, nfs


Projects and exhibitions


Celebrate...small things

18/05/2023 — 17/05/2024

A year-long public exhibition by Air Arts of selected artist in different media, on the theme of 'Celebrate'. My work is a set of both black and white and colour images, investigating the 'small things' that you encounter in your everyday life, and which actually bring joy, awe, peace and wellbeing if you are able to slow down enough to notice...

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Air Arts, Royal Derby Hospital, Derby Details

The Darkness and The Light

15/12/2022 — 15/02/2023

Group exhibition in a fantastic gallery space in Todmorden. My work consisted of four collagraphs of places that I visit and study regularly, including Redcar's South Gare.

Water Street Gallery, Todmorden Details

Conscious Environment: 'Spruce Needles Talisman'

04/09/2022 — 18/09/2022

Haus_a_rest, Instagram Details


22/12/2021 — ongoing

Showing a set of hand-cast pewter talismans on the gallery's Contemporary Jewelry pages.

Collect Gallery, Tibilisi, Georgia Details

In The Open

18/09/2021 — 16/10/2021

An exhibition of 80 selected artists' work, exploring the impact of the pandemic through works about the northern landscape. The submitted works were all judged by a panel of professional artists and curators, and a selection were invited to exhibit. https://issuu.com/ryedalefolkmuseum/docs/final_online_exhibition_210916/92

Ryedale Folk Museum, Ryedale, North Yorkshire Details


16/07/2021 — 13/08/2022

A cabinet of pewter talismans, titled 'Edge of the Wood'. The pieces are hung from a hazel branch, and the cabinet opens to allow the talismans to be removed and worn as pendants.

Open Gallery, Halifax Details


01/03/2021 — ongoing

A photography and light installation. Florence Nightingale – ‘The Lady of the Lamp’, brought comfort to wounded soldiers in field hospitals of the Crimean War. Her innovations around hygiene recognised that hands could bring healing and comfort, but could also be bearers of disease. Hands are expressive; we ‘lend a hand’ to those in...

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Air Arts at Royal Derby Hospital, Derby Details

Otso King of the Forest

01/11/2020 — 30/11/2020

This short film was commissioned by The Woodland Trust for their Tree Charter Festival 2020. This was part of a larger woodland lantern procession and community art project - to encourage people to unite in celebrating, protecting, and enhancing the role and importance of trees and woods in our lives. Let us celebrate the power of...

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Woodland Trust Tree Charter Celebration virtual festival 2021, online Details

Forest in the City

14/09/2020 — 30/09/2020

Collaboration with Kat Dodds as Tangled Wood Studio, this commission formed part of the Derby Feste celebrations for 2021. 12 silk, stencilled banners, to create an indoor meditative space, as a result of the solace that people found in nature during lockdown.

Derby Feste, DEDA, Derby Details
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