Kerry-lynne West Sussex, United Kingdom
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Before re-emerging as a photography artist my background was in furniture painting, fashion, and family shoots. I am self taught and have no formal education in art. I am inspired by the beautiful West Sussex countryside where I live, and my fascination for trees and architecture. I am a mother to two teenagers, living a quiet life with my rescue lurcher and a dark sense of humour!

My concept is one of a deep personal response to the complexities and ethereal and haunting beauty of nature and architecture in its rawest form, in particular the West Sussex countryside I am surrounded by. This will always be at the core of my work, together with childhood memories. I am drawn to the idea of counter-focusing my art’s narrative through living, flourishing vegetation and decomposing, abandoned architecture.

I am heavily influenced by historical photography processes and printmaking like tin type, ambrotype, etchings and lithographic printing. During lockdown I studied these extensively and began to experiment and develop my own unique process and style of editing, printing and hand gilding images and incorporated these with my photography in sepia, monochrome and colour.

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