Latifah London, United Kingdom
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My work touches on themes of hope and loss, memory and identity. In the work that I am currently making I have explored water, landscape mythology and the body. I believe that my mixed heritage has been a rich source for material to work with, though at times it has also created numerous questions within me about my identity, sense of belonging and place in the world.

Born to parents from the East and the West, I have always been fascinated by cultural hybridity and how this has shaped my senses, and the lens through which I experience the world. Within my brush marks my ancestors faces, masked ladies and symbolic hands are often highlighted, repeated and reworked.

In pursuit of a fleeting moment, I contextualise and reframe the presence and absence of family members and belongings, my hazy memories kept close and eternally captured on canvas. Partially revealed, I attempt to collapse my present reality and bring the past to life, forever layered in washes of paint, helping me work through subconscious emotions and fears.


The Pursuit Of Paradise, Spray paint, acrylic, oil paint, oil bar, pastel and pigment stick on canvas., 2022, £6,854

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