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Lydia Porter is a contemporary artist based in London, working across video, writing, and bookmaking. These formats are used to investigate the surface of the image as an active site and a means of translation, with a specific focus on tactility and haptic awareness. Her works often focus on a specific place of interest, which then branches out into an in-depth investigation into its ambiguity.

I am interested in how digital media can give the impression of tactility and physicality, how video and photography depict items and places whilst being cinematic objects in and of themselves. I regard video as a physical, sculptural object, exploring how footage, in being played, has a skin of its own.

My work often investigates particular sites of interest for their psycho-geographical connotations, exploring a sense of place and process in a poetic way. The tone is often strange or melancholic, touching upon absence and identity in the wake of industrial revolution and environmental decline. The videos and writing hope to offer a delicate and nuanced exploration of the sentimental attachments we have to space, with questions of agency and responsibility present as a subtle undertone.

In 2020 I was selected to be a part of Double Agents Associate Studio Programme 7, situated in the shared studios in Stockwell, London until December 2022. During that time I was commissioned to make a collaborative video work for Queen’s Hall Digital. I have also exhibited in various shows across London.


This is Where the Tale of Two Rivers Ends, Video, 2022


Almost Rural/Polyester Dream, video, 2021


The Material will be Quiet yet Alive, video, 2020


Projects and exhibitions


A Place Bears the Name

02/06/2023 — 01/07/2023

The first duo show of artists Lydia Porter and Sam Wills, A Place Bears the Name functions as a visual essay, exploring the social and psychological effects of the ruins found within Crystal Palace Park. Developed as a collaborative research project, Lydia Porter and Sam Wills have created a body of work that investigates the spectre of an...

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Tension Fine Art, London Details


25/11/2022 — 27/11/2022

A group show celebrating the end of the artists time on the Associate Studio Programme 7 in the shared studios in Stockwell.

ACME studios, Stockwell, London Details

Testing Grounds

25/08/2022 — 30/08/2022

Testing Grounds is a modular platform, a shifting ecosystem of ideas. Designed and curated by Hsi-Nong Huang, Rachel Mortlock, Janek Nixon and India Stanbra, the exhibition invites 23 artists to showcase an experiment, or an emerging idea as part of a collaborative structure. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the structure will evolve...

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Filet Gallery, London Details


14/06/2019 — 28/06/2019

‘Heterochronia’ is a two channel video that follows the loose narrative of a kitchen sink that has been photographed and transformed into a cotton print of that image. The print goes through many tactile process as the film develops, at first being repeatedly washed and rung out within the sink it depicts. Following that black ink is poured...

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Chelsea College of Art and Design, London Details
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