Mark Lomax United Kingdom
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Contemporary Artist based in Scottish Highlands. Specialising in wooden and metal quilts.

Memory and identity are the core themes that inform my art practice. It was while researching memory failure in Alzheimer's and Dementia sufferers that I started to look at common processing and retrieval issues and memory triggers. After working through a series of possible categories I focussed on memories based on domestic situations and everyday life.. This involved the use of objects that we most associate with the home and family living. This includes furniture, ceramics, tableware, and more importantly, textiles. The colours and patterns used in curtains, soft furnishings, rugs, carpets, quilts and clothing are common to all of us. By utilising familiar elements that are associated with domestic objects it is possible to trigger or evoke memories.

My work moves between 2 and 3 dimensions and utilises materials more usually associated with the building trade. This industrial mixed media approach includes the use of cement, filler, paint, wire, timber and aluminium sheeting. In my recent work vintage textiles have also been added to create a series of wooden and metal quilts. Like the readymade, the quilt with its appropriated past and re-purposed materials, has a built in history by association.

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