Rebecca Bold West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am a Artist and Art Psychotherapist living and working in Armley Leeds. I draw on photographs and places that I find beautiful. I began exploring sculpture while studying BA Fine Art , more recently I have started to develop my paintings exploring with inks. I enjoy the quality of inks and that inks can be both controlled and unpredictable.

I often start with photographs that I have either taken myself or found, after creating a fine outline of the image I then put this aside and begin applying and layering up the inks . The form can change three or four times through the laying process. When I feel satisfied with a composition I then start to add detail and draw out areas of pattern I find intriguing . I use bright colours as they make me feel inspired. Colour also creates interesting shades when layered. I try not to stick to a specific style and consider my work experimental. I’m never quite sure what will happen when I begin and immerse myself in the journey of the make .


Untitled, Acrylic ink, 2021


For sale

Rainbow Tree, Acrylic Ink on Canvas, 2019, £300


For sale
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