Matthew Vaughan West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Artist and musician based in Leeds interested in sound and listening to materials and space. My work is a balance of sculpture and composition using microphones, materials and loudspeakers as sound-generating instruments.

My practice is based in sound and the intricate ways of listening to sound, space and material. Informed by composers and sound artists such as Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Lucier and Cathy van Eck my research and development has culminated in works which are between composition, installation and sculpture. I use resonant material such as steel and the sound of speakers and microphones used as sound-generating instruments as opposed to sound replicating devices. currently, my work is exploring materiality and revealing through sound a materials own agency by its resonant qualities. The relationship between sound and the space in which it sounds is an aspect of the work s=as the sculpture itself. By generating resonant frequencies I reveal the space's physicality. This becomes apparent in traversing the space and listening for nodes and anti-nodes as the sound creates a medium in which to experience the spaces acoustic qualities. At this moment I am interested in resonance and sound generated and modulated through material agency. Going forward I’d like to explore a notion of connection through resonance with a mind to dislodge a human-centred perception of agency by creating an environment of equal standing in which the subject is emergent through listening.


Bitmap scores for sounds that are drawn, Artist book, 2019, £7

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Mind Body Heart; in three parts , Sound Sculpture, 2019


Klingen; klang, Sound sculpture composition, 2020


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