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Melanie King is an artist and curator with a specific focus on astronomy.

Melanie King is an artist and curator with a specific focus on astronomy. She is co-Director of super/collider, Lumen Studios and the London Alternative Photography Collective. Melanie is currently studying towards a practice based PhD in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art. Melanie is an external member of the Photography and the Archive Research Centre at London College of Communication. Melanie’s solo shows include “First Light” at Leeds Art University in November 2017, and “Ancient Light” at Blyth Gallery, London in January 2018. She has exhibited in group shows at The Photographers’ Gallery, Argentea Gallery, Guest Projects, Space Studios and the Sidney Cooper Gallery. Melanie has also exhibited in a wide range of international galleries, such as the Williamson Gallery in Pasadena, CAS Gallery in Osaka, Japan. Melanie regularly participates in international residencies to develop aspects of her practice, most recently at SIM Reykjavik in Iceland and Bow Arts in London.

Melanie's practice explores the intrinsic connection between humans, materials and phenomena existing beyond the Earths' atmosphere. She primarily uses sun, moon and starlight to cause effects on photosensitive materials. Melanie can often be found in the darkroom, and is known for her work with silver gelatin materials, cyanotype and daguerreotype. Melanie also explores materiality in relation to traditional printmaking processes, using meteorite-imbued ink to create a series of photo-etchings. Melanie's practice is focused upon demonstrating how humanity, planet earth and the greater universe are intimately connected. In the current ecological climate, Melanie believes that it is particularly important to consider our relationship to our home planet.


Ancient Light, Silver Gelatin Photographs, 2016 - Ongoing


Eclipse, Light Installation / Sculpture, 2017


Projects and exhibitions


Ancient Light Solo Show, Blyth Gallery

08/01/2018 — 31/01/2018

Melanie King: Ancient Light Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London Level 5 Sherfield Building, Imperial College, Exhibition Rd, London SW7 5NH

Through the production of these artworks, King considers how light from incredibly distant stars can be captured directly onto photosensitive film. These photographs were captured on travels to dark...

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First Light, Solo Exhibition at Leeds Art University

02/11/2017 — 12/12/2017

FIRST LIGHT Leeds Art University 03 November - 15 December 2017

First Light: Definitions 1. The first use of a telescope to take an astronomical image after it has been constructed. 2. The light emitted from the first generation of hyper-stars, formed less than a billion years after the Big Bang.

3. The time when light first appears...

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Moon Rising

31/12/2015 — 30/09/2018

Moon Rising is a series of experimental films, which draw attention to an oft forgotten element of our landscape, the Moon – an illuminated lantern which seems to make a journey through the sky. Caught up in the busy tumult of life, we forget that Earth too is moving, spinning on its axis at 1040 miles per hour. Over the past four years, I...

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