Melissa Jane Hampson-Smith BaHons Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom
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BA Hons sculpture. Performance, installation, painting, film, craft, public festivals. Created environmental artworks and exhibition pieces in the UK and Europe. I currently make thought-provoking jewelry/ wearable sculptures and paintings covering the themes of environment, Space travel, and navigation, mining, the search for water, terraforming other planets and rewilding parts of planet Earth

Melissa Jane Hampson-Smith is a contemporary artist + jeweler inspired by her environments. A survivor of the 2004 Tsunami Melissa's work deals with extreme weather, medical intervention + discarded man-made materials. Space travel, mining asteroids, the search for water on other celestial bodies, the near future colonization of planets + moons + rewilding Earth all inspire her works.  Currently working in St Ives, Cornwall she hammers metals with beach stones, uses raw + cut gems + sets resins.  Melissa has spent many years experimenting with single-use plastics to create a new material she calls Future Gemstones.


Intergalactic space jewelry to navigate the universes., Jewellery, 2019, £300 upwards

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