Mike barrett United Kingdom
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My practice sits at the intersection of science and philosophy, sometimes a considered enquiry, often due to my ASHD subject to disruptive but helpful interjections. I work in installation, digital imaging and video, with paper and packaging materials and often incorporating my lifelong fascination with code. I am strongly interested in collaboration, with other artists and with science teams

Over the course of my practice I have evolved from object making (mostly glass sculpture) to the narrative installation form.

My strongest passion is for the process phase between idea and installation set-up. That together with my passion for collaboration, has led me to current projects working with scientists and their teams to engage and fire up the combination of creative and science processes to break new thinking and concept grounds


Dearest Emma , Mixed media installation , 2019


In the beginning was the word, 2019


A little world looks up , Ink on amazon packing paper, light and sound , 2019


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