Ewa Pandera Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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Based in Cambridgeshire, born and raised in an industrial part of Poland. Using traditional and experimental methods of drawing, print, ceramic and video in a large-scale installation to convey a personal relationship with the surrounding environment by combining natural world with abandoned urbanisation and modern ruins.

My practice revolves around a visual process using drawings, printing and ceramics to communicate a personal response to the surrounding environment. Throughout the experimentation with materials and tools as well as contextual research I am attempting to excavate profound meaning of nature in everyday life. The body of work I produce are on the large scale to represent the vegetation that existed in this place before humanity and will take it over after we disappear.


Forest Project, multimedia installation, 2021


Forest Project, multimedia installation, 2020-2021


Dark Forest, Pencil drawing, 2021


Deep, Deep Forest, Pencil drawing, 2021


The Forest, drawing and video installation, 2021

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