Paul Malone London, United Kingdom
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I am a graduate of Reading University and the RCA. Currently I have a studio at APT in Deptford, London. I have exhibited continuously since 1977 both in terms of static installations but more recently involving projection onto objects. These include reconstructions of the night sky and orreries using 00 scale model railways. An online catalogue of small works and movie shorts support this.

My practice could be generally described as Sci-Art and researches an interest in science and especially lost and forgotten theories of natural philosophy. In following this path I am aware of the implications of scientific model making in generating worlds that may of may not correspond to any semblance of reality.

Interested in
Art Walk/TrailArtist TalkArts vacancyCommissionCompetitionContemporary art fairExhibitionMentoring
DigitalFilm / VideoInstallationProjectionSculptureSoundwall sculpture
Other keywords
ExperimentalLandscapenatural philosophyscience, natural philosophy, technology, Science