Pippa Brabyn London, United Kingdom
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Works are formed as a catalogue of on-going research, using a framework of personal experience to investigate the repercussions of absent documentation, questioning the reliability of the image in the construction and preservation of memory, via the mechanism of photography. I came to this research through an educational route, informed by personal and professional experience.

Using a process-driven method of research, I am attempting to better understand how the absence of documented experience affects memory and subsequently identity. The processes used include; destructive or enhancing techniques onto the surface of the photograph using chemicals, time-based corruption and photo-editing software, forming and documenting site specific experiences; contrasting new photographic documents with past occurrences and historical imagery to investigate the reliability of memory constructions, and continuing to accumulate digital and analogue photographic material as part of a personal archive.


Untitled #2, Mixed Media on gloss print photography, 2019



Untitled #1, Mixed media and gloss print photograph, 2019


Projects and exhibitions



10/08/2019 — 18/08/2019

'Ritual' was the theme of this years exhibition hosted by Globe Gallery at Heilst├Ątte Grabowsee. This exhibition takes place annually since 2013 and is part of an artist residency #countdowngrabowsee which includes a diverse and international range of artists who live and work together as a community onsite for the duration of the residency,...

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Globe Gallery, Heilst├Ątte Grabowsee, Germany Details


29/01/2018 — 31/01/2018

Students from Central Saint Martins, Slade and Kingston University are proud to present to you a collaborative exhibition, demonstrating works founded in various concepts, manifested in a wide range of mediums and brought to you from the around the globe.... A selection of ALLSORTS...

Degree Art Gallery, Vyner Street, London Details



Pressed is a collective exhibition of young female artists studying at Central Saint Martins.

"She pressed the button to turn the lights on. She pressed her paintbrush onto the canvas, making her fingertips turn white. Can you press a little harder? I want my prints to be darker than this. A body was pressed into a head, and footprints...

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Rossopomodoro, Hoxton, London Details

Dirty Fingers

16/06/2016 — 30/06/2016

Dirty Fingers was a collaborative Exhibition where the subject was based solely on Chocolate and hosted by Dark Sugars chocolate shop on Brick Lane.

Dark Sugars, Brick Lane, London Details


07/06/2016 — 10/06/2016

An exhibition of printed works by staff and students at Central Saint Martins.

The Bomb Factory, Archway, London Details



This was part of a cross - pathway collaboration within my fine art course at UAL involving students from London College of Communication and Central Saint Martins. The project started over the Easter holidays. It was organised and curated by an XD student, Rosie Back who asked me to be involved based on previous works. I was told that the key...

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Styx Bar, Tottenham Hale, London Details
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