Rachael Tyler Bacon North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Multi-disciplinary artist working predominantly in paint. Works explore intimacy in environment, considering land and place as a complex layering of relationships, exploring natural, urban, and liminal places, with a particular focus on night-time and water, often working with environmental elements as metaphors.

Figurative paintings move between expressionism and abstraction, often with narrative elements, responding to and exploring the enigmas of reality, with areas of actuality and invention. Working primarily in oil paint, with successive layers of paint in response to previous marks and gestures. The unexpected results in the paint form a conversation within the painting, creating multi-layered paintings that aim to ask for time from the viewer. Works on night explore narratives of people and animals during this liminal time when reality takes a different tone, and even sound travels in a different way, known as the ‘grey line’. Works in response to water, in particular water based environments, explore the constellation of symbols associated, reflecting on both life and death.

Landscape paintings are mainly ‘en plein air’ in response to the ever changing weather conditions that continually transform the land and sea. Painting outdoors is a constant source of wonder, from the moon rising over the moors, to storm clouds passing over the sea, and weather fronts moving through mountains.

Printmaking explores the wider environment exploring space and time through harmonic ratios and wave patterns. Etchings reference Plato’s ‘mathematics of music’, Kepler’s ‘music of the spheres’, and Robert Fludd’s use of music as a metaphorical tool to understand the Universe.

Sonic work is currently focused on sounds recorded in liminal places, inlcuding train stations, airports, tunnels, roads, pathways and borders.

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