Rita Lazaro Wiltshire, United Kingdom
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I am active across several disciplines: illustration, traditional handheld sculpture, 3D design, abstract painting. My most cherished field at the moment is socially conscious art: interdisciplinary commentary on the world around us.

As artists, we are often confined to the creative solitude of our studio, but even then we can not isolate ourselves completely from the social conflicts and injustice that plague humanity. Many artists (past & present) have never been content for their work to remain ‘silent’ on the big issues and have already ‘spoken out’ in their work. Artists and creative people as a whole can be the most inspiring and eloquent voices of their generation, of their communities, and of the voiceless and powerless everywhere. History shows that they can clarify, crystallise and communicate things as nobody else does. Voices in the arts can communicate powerfully across borders, generations and languages. Although art for the sake of art is still a noble aspiration, it is all too often so conceptual that instead of bringing attention to the idea, it only evokes incomprehension and apathy in the wider public. Great art should have a message, make you think, make you want to change and leave a lasting impression on the audience.


My government, acrylic and oil on unstreched canvas, 2017, £1600


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