Sabine Kussmaul United Kingdom
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My current practice is in the field of expanded Drawing. I am exploring the relationships between self and environment through a drawing practice on different environments. This is part of practice-based PhD studies at the University of Chester.

Originating from a practice of long distance running and working as a visual artist with a focus on drawing, Sabine has developed a visual arts practice based on the experience of being outdoors. She understands drawing not only as a practice that documents the movement of a drawing tool on paper, but also as movement or gesture of bodies performed over land and around sites. In her outdoor drawing practice, she uses a mobile working kit from paper, wooden sticks and many metres of elastic textile lines, to draw into outdoor environments. Visualisations of feeling and moving art materials and herself and how she perceives change in environments are part of such art making processes. She makes three-dimensional line installations, large drawings on paper on site and she draws in an interpretative response to previous art making events and to plan future ones. The art making practice becomes site in itself and stands in a changing relationship between the physical sites of her practice. She records her practice making outdoors with video, photographs and in text. Through this arts practice, Sabine aims to explore how we connect with large outdoor spaces that are immersive, often unbounded, and where the close-by haptic experiences of site contrast with the experience of the far-way visuals from seeing the distance. Her particular interest is in the role that the visual plays in our embodied experience of ourselves and the outdoors. Her practice is located in rural areas of the British Peak District and adjacent more urban sites and is part of a part-time practice-based PhD at the University of Chester.

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