Sara Hood Lancashire, United Kingdom
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I am passionate about art and creativity, with an emphasis on drawing, painting, printmaking, installation and sculpting. My research based work takes me to many unexpected places and with varying, yet always satisfyingly creative results. I combine lore, symbolism and cultural references with personal experience to investigate and creatively process the complicated theme of neurodiversity.

My practice is research based, I plough intensely through many resources, books, journals, websites, galleries, exhibitions, music, museums and everyday experiences.

I log all the most relevant information in written word, audio, photography and sketches. I then keep going over this research and expanding it, this leads me to generating ideas in 2D and 3D forms. Again I jot down my ideas as I do my research, always having something to go back to.

What I produce varies depending on what particular topic I am pursuing, what narrative it has and what relevance the materials have.

Many examples of my work can be seen on my website.

My current practice is exploring the subject of living with the effects of PTSD and finding a way to both convey this and start up meaningful conversations through installation based ceramic sculpture. I use the rabbit as the central agent in my work with its strong associations to the fight or flight response, which is also so deeply associated with PTSD and other neurodiversity's. The rabbit also acts in some of my works as a personal reference due to me being born in the zodiac year of the rabbit.

All ceramics no matter how varied they look and how varied their function, come from the same base material - clay from earth. Much in the same way all humans are of the same carbon base yet no two are the same although we can be linked together through experiences and culture. Bearing this analogy in mind, and with the human experience of PTSD at the forefront of my work, clay lends itself as a very meaningful material to pursue.


Signe - She who is victorious, Laguna Clay, 2023, £460



Homeless Hounds Portraits, Acrylic paint on acrylic paper., 2017, £150 Each

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UCLan MA Degree Show Exhibition

04/09/2023 — ongoing

Installation of "Inguz" MA project at the Hanover Gallery, Preston.

September 4th - October 3rd 2003

Hanover Gallery, Preston Details
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