Sarah Grace Dye South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am a collector. I collect and document many things. I collect things that radiate narrative both real and imagined. I revel in process and order in all things and am drawn into the finest details of an object. I document my collections through drawing, photography and collage. I love to travel enabling an eclectic mix of subject matter and I document my travels at

My practice is about documenting, recording, collecting and sharing stories. I often work with multiples. I love a process especially if that process has some element of surprise in the outcome. I am a lover of ritual especially when it comes to drinking tea.

I collect objects and ephemera along with a plethora of related stories some truth some imagined narrative. Process and ritual are employed to enable the exploration of these objects. Experimentation is vital and mark making in its broadest sense provides the tool to search and discover ways to document, catalogue and interact with these objects unfolding layers of narrative.

I have been a lover of books as long as I can remember. I grew up in a house bulging at the seams with books. I am also dyslexic so my relationship with books has at times been an awkward one. There is something so delightful about collecting ideas whether thoughts or marks and encasing them within a protective exterior. The process of making a book fulfils my love of multiples and repetition. There is a desire to keep something safe and personal away from harm. But making books is also very simply about touch, the feel of different papers and the joy of folding, cutting and collaging together something that makes me smile and my spine tingle.


Views from my window, Pen and ink on found paper, 2020


Wisdom in a paper purse., Hand made paper, 2021


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