Scapa Joe Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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We are a collaboration making art and sculpture to raise awareness of climate change, over fishing, deforestation, extinction and other global environmental issues.

Artist Caroline Appleyard, and designer/photographer Dean Hodson, collaborate under the name Scapa Joe ( after loved ones they lost). They aim to raise awareness of climate change, extinction, deforestation, habitat loss and especially the ecological balance of the oceans . Caroline paints, and they also make sculptures showing the possible future if climate change continues. They describe their work as utopian dystopia. They have exhibit their work extensively around the UK. Caroline paints to show the possible futures we face; floods, rising sea levels, plague, pandemic, pollution, apocalypse. We are knowingly trashing our beautiful planet. We know that we need to act now, but are not listening to mother nature . We use consumerism in an attempt to to buy happiness, obsess over social media , fame, glamour, money, excess, while all the time we are destroying our planet, and very soon it will be too late to stop the damage. Diving for more than 25 years, Caroline has seen first hand the increase in pollution and decrease in fish due to over fishing and dredging of our oceans. . Dean is an environmentalist and they work well together, often exchanging ideas on their morning runs. They are both live and work in Chesterfield, UK. They are artivists working in various media. We make sculptures together, often incorporating trash collected on beach clean ups, old broken toys, and car boot finds. These sculptures show the future we could all face, and a small girl ( Poppy Lyptic) often features in them, donning her gas mask, which she needs due to us poisoning our planet. the sculptures are housed in glass taxidermy domes, adding to the darkness portrayed. Their 'Piccadilly Climate Changes Circus' painting won 2 awards in the TALP 2022 art competition with Painters Online at Patchings Art Centre ; the British Contemporary Art Award, as well as an Exhibition Award . 4 paintings were also in the Discerning Eye exhibition 2022, Mall Galleries, London in November 2022, and all sold at the preview evening.


Climate Change is Real, 2022


Projects and exhibitions


Mixed summer exhibition

27/05/2022 — ongoing

Paintings and sculptures as part of annual summer exhibition

Waterfront Gallery, Stromness Details

Mixed Spring Exhibition

14/04/2022 — 19/05/2022

Our work was shown as part of spring exhibition at the gallery, we also exhibit there all year round

Art Cafe Contemporary Gallery, Whitby Details

Global Warming

04/05/2021 — 18/05/2021

Solo exhibition of sculptures and paintings for sale

Church Farm Gallery, Baslow Details

Climate Change Is Real

14/06/2019 — 19/07/2019

The exhibition showed a mixture of 11 paintings and 15 sculptures in glass domes,, showing for a month.

Northlight Gallery, Stromness Details
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