Sharon James Dorset, United Kingdom
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I am a multidisciplinary artist, based in Dorset. I am a full time artist but also a mother of three. I work figuratively and abstractly predominantly I’m a painter. I have a B.A. Hons in Printmaking 2:1 and an M.A in Printmaking with Distinction from Camberwell School of Art. I am prolific and definitely suffer from more ideas than I have actual time for.

If I can say it in a brushstroke or a mark then my vocabulary is infinite. I am neither restrained nor constrained by any formal structure. I am free to explore narratives both simple and complex. Choosing between letting the medium drive the work or letting my concepts come to the surface, expressing my preoccupations and obsessions visually.

My current work is based on the idea of repetition and deliberate gesture. It is intuitive and improvised but it is also carefully considered often taking several days to build up an intensity of layers. Choosing what to reveal and what to conceal. Exploring the translucency and opacity of each colour. Enjoying the incidental colours made through each overlay.

There is a rhythm within the markmaking reminiscent of written text (asemic writing).

I like to work on figurative paintings alongside my abstract work. It keeps the figurative painting looser and fresher somehow. I will constantly move between the two. It gives me the time and space to see both works more objectively.h

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