Shona Davies London, United Kingdom
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Shona Davies and Jon Klein both studied at Sir John Cass College of Art where they graduated in 2007 with first class honours. They were also joint recipients of the Owen Rowley Prize and John Cass Purchase prize. Klein specialised in Time Based Media and Davies in Printmaking and 3-D. Dave Monaghan studied at Liverpool and Canterbury Colleges of Art where he specialised in sculpture.

Davies, Monaghan & Klein work as a collaborative. We create miniature worlds, populated using a combination of hand-modelled and recycled found objects. These environments are brought to life with the use of stop motion animation and the creation of soundscapes, incorporating diegetic sound. The films are housed within constructed installations that allow them to be watched through controlled viewpoints, inviting the audience inside to experience the narratives played out within the mise-en-scènes.


The Desperate Hours, animated film shown within 3-D installation, 2017, NFS


Make it funky, Animated film shown within 3-D installation, 2019, NFS


Never eat the cone, Animated film shown in 3-D installation, 2015, NFS


Last Orders, Mixed media with looped film and animated figure, 2021

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