Sonia Ben Achoura London, United Kingdom
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An artist and psychologist, I explore the human experience from my academic activities. I illustrate psychological phenomena, theories and concept in light of the current social context and of our future. As a result, my visual language presents itself in iconic, timeless and geometric forms. Science and art converge into a visual artform of heightened aesthetic sense and vivid compositions.

The mystery of human existence is one that I explore through both art and science. Also a trained psychologist, I draw inspiration from academic investigations. My fascination with individual uniqueness, psychological theories and the diversity therapeutic approaches is a constant inspiration that is evident in my visual work. These representations of the mind are portrayed in geometric and futuristic conceptualisations. These tend to adopt iconic forms, consolidated into psychological blueprints, painted in acrylics.

Captivated by abstraction, my art practice mainly consists of translating abstract psychological concepts into original visual forms with an innovative chromatic compositions. As a result, nature is also a source of inspiration, and I am frequently drawn to paint the freedom that nature exudes in energetic brush strokes. This free and expressive style contrasts with my geometric work. Indeed, replicating nature's ability to combine the most unlikely colours and shapes in harmonious ways is an experiment from which I continue to learn. Some of my paintings are purely botanical, depicting detailed observations from nature. These are executed in oil paints.

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