Stefania Romano West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am an emergent mixed media artist who enjoys exploring via photographs, collages and notebooks the world. By capturing movements of people I engage with a meaningful dialogue that lights invisible messages, for me, to interpret. Travel and personal journeys are my bread and butter to explore creative freedom.

My artistic need arises from blending two opposite approaches to life: the Italian and the English. I search for matching and interconnecting unfolding meaning between them.

I was born and raised in Italy, and moved to the U.K. in 2010. I love drinking tea, being an outcast has always made me feel like an outsider. Creating art is the only comfortable place to feel me, and it is my home.

Movement is the key to my practice.

I have been working on autobiographical reflective themes, touching on memories and places that reconnect with my artistic soul, and my voice that is weak to speak up. I enjoy exploring with words, photographs, numbers, and imagination letting creativity flows and nurtures at its pace.


Unexplored Rome with Mik, Photographs, August 2022, £350


West Yorkshire Days, Photographs, 2021, na


Meaningful Journeys through Books , 2022


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