Haychley at Stellabox Designs Norfolk, United Kingdom
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Haychley Webb at Stellabox Designs is a self-taught linocut printmaker based in Norwich, Norfolk. She is fascinated with the interaction between animals and people and often creates her linocut prints around this. Her prints are also influences he natural world of Norfolk and the historic stonework of Norwich's rich architecture.

Haychley Webb is a professional linocut printmaker printing under the name Stellabox Designs. She began self-teaching linocut printmaking in 2017 and quickly became enthralled by the medium.

She grew up in rural Worcestershire where her enjoyment of art began. She has family in Canada and spent time there as a child and young adult which cemented her love of the natural world.

She became a professional printmaker in early 2021 and regularly teaches linocut at all levels around Norfolk. She participates in art events and exhibitions around East Anglia and beyond.

Part of her art practice explores the way animals interact with humans and human landscapes. She is vegan and hopes to use her practice to show others the individual personalities of animals and their value.

Her work often features her natural surroundings in Norfolk and the rich history of Norwich through its stonework and architecture.

She accepts commissions.

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Allotment, Linocut print, 2022


Racing stripes, Linocut print, 2022


Horsey, Linocut print, 2023


Ophelia, Linocut print, 2023


Windmill, Linocut print, 2022


Strawberries in June, Linocut print, 2022


Seagull Cottage, Linocut print, 2022


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