Victoria Suvoroff East Sussex, United Kingdom
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As an artist and a researcher Victoria Suvoroff is interested in issues of gender, sexuality and the transgression within as well as in investigation of different approaches to non-western cultures from the western perspective.

Performance can play a part in the search of the relationship between identity and sexualities and questions if, when living in a part of the world where we regard ourselves to be liberated and free, how much of that freedom is an illusion. Suvoroff’s multimedia work comes to challenge the preconceptions and the connotations of how gender and sexualities are perceived. Taboos and social expectations are at the core of my work as well as the meaning of non-conformity to social norms. Recent research “Towards the Green Book” is an exploration of a different approach to representations of female masculinity from Soviet History through the art-practice. As a curator, a wide range of experience from pop-up shows to established gallery spaces has provided a hands-on experience working directly with site managers and artists while encountering space regulations as well as ethical demands of the particular work.


The Green Book, , mixed media on paper, 2018


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