Adam Burton East Sussex, United Kingdom
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(b. 1982 in Southampton) Adam Burton is a visual artist working in print and social engagement. He studied Fine Art at Bath Spa UC (BA, MFA) and lives in Hastings. His work has featured in exhibitions at Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; X Marks the Bökship, London; The Exchange, Penzance; Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton; EAST International, Norwich.

My work is an attempt to communicate ideas and feelings about colonialism, whiteness, climate change, and political power. I make texts - printed letterpress on colourful paper sculptures - which might form openings into conversation, internal dialogue, reflection. What role do we individually and collectively play in contributing to a changing world?


Cognitive Dissonance, printed letterpress on paper, speaker, 2022


When?, printed letterpress on paper sculpture, 2022


Comemos Oro, printed letterpress on paper, 2022


Advocating for what?, digital print on paper, 2022


Dignity, printed letterpress on paper, glass, 2022


Manifest to the understanding, printed letterpress on paper sculpture, 2022


-contact, printed letterpress on paper, 2022


Reparations Decolonisation, printed letterpress on paper, 2022


Adaptation, printed letterpress on paper sculpture, 2022


in the blue tv screen light, printed letterpress on paper sculpture, 2022


Passive Voice, printed letterpress on paper sculpture, 2022


Through rancid peat bogs, printed letterpress on laser print, LED ring light, 2022


Projects and exhibitions


Paper Flags

05/05/2022 — 20/05/2022

The exhibition has been produced through an active and mutable process of printing and arranging paper assemblages that have been cut, folded, layered, slotted. The material qualities of paper, its ability to conduct light, hold shapes, carry meaning, link to expressions of personal and political thought across centuries. The scale of the work...

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Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham Details


17/11/2013 — 20/12/2013

Subverting and playing with how we read, write, collect knowledge and what we think of as a book, specialist East London independent bookshop, publisher, and project space X Marks the Bökship set up at Wysing Arts Centre for a special programme that was part exhibition, part events series and part functioning shop for artist’s books and...

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Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge Details

Noam Chomsky quotes:

06/10/2012 — 03/11/2012

The exhibition Noam Chomsky quotes: presents a series of printed letterpress posters of text quotes taken from a range of thinkers and writers who have concerned themselves with tendencies in Liberalism, Socialism, Anarchism, and Democracy during the last 250 years. These quotes have illustrated various ideas throughout Noam Chomsky's work in...

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X Marks the Bökship, London Details


24/09/2011 — 29/10/2011

Decalcomania is an exhibition created through a process of invitation and chance, rather than a theme The two curators invited two artists each, who then invited another two artists each, as an experiment in non-hierarchical curatorial practice. The twelve participating artists, brought together by what the Surrealists called ‘objective...

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The Exchange, Penzance Details

"Talk To Us, Not About Us"

12/03/2011 — 23/04/2011

"Talk To Us, Not About Us" was part of The Tyranny of Grammar at Fishmarket gallery in Northampton, a festival in response to the dead poet John Clare. Clare’s poetry was often concerned with issues of the enclosure of common land that was happening all about him during his lifetime (1793 – 1864). Following this lead Adam’s work looks at...

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Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton Details

EAST International 2009

15/07/2009 — 22/08/2009

The curation of the international open-submission exhibition ‘EASTinternational 2009’ reflected a diverging range of capitalist and anti-capitalist ideological influences on artists East and West two decades after the end of the Cold War, identified and developed by Morris with exhibition selectors Lukasz Gorczyca and Michal Kaczynski of...

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Norwich University College of the Arts, Norwich Details
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