Alex HB Designs Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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I’m a fine art photographer known for my captivating work that pushes the boundaries of botanical photography. With a keen eye for detail and artistry, my botanical compositions have graced numerous exhibitions and publications.

As humans, we have a complex relationship with plants and my botanical art explores various facets of this relationship. This exploration includes reflecting on the meanings and feelings that plants can convey or embody for different groups of people.

I have long been inspired by the power of botanical illustrations to highlight the intricate beauty of plants and convey a feeling of peacefulness and tranquillity. I explore this power in my work through the use of creative photographic techniques. One such technique is the use of a light box to bring out the fine details in plants. In this process, I digitally paint in elements from multiple exposures to create compositions which blur the lines between photography and illustration.


Delightful Daffodils, Creative Photography, 2023


Second Element II, Creative Photography, 2023


Bluebells, Creative Photography, 2024


Delphiniums, Creative Photography, 2022


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