Rachel West Wrexham, United Kingdom
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I am a Welsh artist inspired by the beautiful and historic North Wales landscape; the mountains, the sea and the wildlife. I work mostly with acrylics or coloured pencils although I also work in watercolours, pencil, pen and chalk pastels. I paint and draw landscapes, moments and ideas that I think are beautiful.

I paint and draw things that I find beautiful, whether that's because they are full of colour and light, have a haunting atmosphere, cinematic drama or a sweet and simple story. I like to look for the hidden colours. There is often a struggle not to spend too much time focusing on the small details and just be a bit more free, which is something I work on with every new piece. Each piece I paint or draw has it's own style as the subject tends to inform the end result. I build up a painting through layers, usually working from the background through to the foreground. My illustrations tend to have a simplicity and are usually imagination based, whereas my landscape paintings are based on real places either from photographs or painted on location.

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