Carl Anderson United Kingdom
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Carl Anderson (b. 1990) is a London-based artist working predominately in ceramics. He attended the Architectural Association to study Architecture and later completed a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art at the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College.

I create sculptural forms that are playful and curious introspections of my own experiences and combine them with a visual language reminiscent of relic and artifact. They attempt to create objects that function as totemic signals for the deities of ancient civilizations that are both foreign and familiar to the viewer. They are also a means of investigating how specific belief systems connect to contemporary culture.

My current work explores ceramic sculptures, including medieval plate armour, animal traps, barbed wire, and other ominous and conversely gallant objects. By considering paganism, folklore, and early mythology, I create a visual language archetypal of hazard and cautionary tale. Certain motifs often appear in my works: chains, dagger-like protrusions, and brick cladding. These derive from an interest in how we perceive authority in social structures and how the objects themselves can become gestural forms of power and the ambivalence surrounding it.


Bear Trap II, Glazed Stoneware, 2020, £1,200

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Griffin Bascinet, Glazed Stoneware, 2020, £3,500


Gauntlet III, Glazed Stoneware Clay, 2020, £2,750.00

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A-OK, Glazed Stoneware, 2020, £3,200.00

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Bear-Paw Sabaton, Glazed Stoneware Clay, 2020


Long-Toed Sabaton, Glazed Stoneware Clay, 2020


Das Boot, Glazed Stoneware Clay, 2020


Projects and exhibitions


New Raw Green

18/07/2020 — 15/08/2020

Carl Anderson, Matija Bobičić, Jonathan DeDecker, Sigrid Holmwood, Emily Hunt, Gibson / Martelli, Anthony Miler, David Surman, Thom Trojanowski, Aviya Wyse.

Curated by David Surman

There is a shared assumption for those in the business of selling pictures that green isn’t good for trade. Speculations on the evils of green range from...

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Sim Smith Gallery, London Details

Potion Room

14/02/2020 — 29/02/2020

THE POTION ROOM responds to the architectural properties of the gallery's latest space, up a winding staircase to the top of the tower, and showcases all manner of mythical sculptural works from emerging international, regional and London-based artists.

Subsidiary Projects, Vauxhall, London Details

JOYA: arte + ecología / AiR 2019

10/10/2019 — 17/10/2019

La Hoya de Carrascal, 04830 Vélez-Blanco, Almería, Spain Details
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