Lee Whitworth West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I grew up in the heart of the textile industry, and spent many childhood days playing amongst the derelict mills that are our heritage. After travelling extensively, I was drawn back by the rugged and remote beauty of the Pennines. My passion is capturing the drama of our landscape, its social and industrial heritage and the lives of the people who lived and worked here then and now.

Mine is slow photography. Each image is the result of researching old maps and roaming ancient footpaths, bridleways and turnpike roads, seeking out the remains of bygone settlements and workplaces that form the social and industrial heritage of the Pennines. I revisit each site many times, taking long exposures to capture the subject’s depth and atmosphere. My images are presented as taken through the lens at that moment, to capture the drama of our landscape, its heritage and celebrate the people and their lives lived here.


Where we lived and worked., Photography, 2019

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