Chloe Laurence London, United Kingdom
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Chloe Laurence is a multimedia artist, her practice combining printmaking, performance and moving image. Laurence grew up in London and graduated from the University of Brighton in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking. She has created site- specific works across England, Scotland, Canada and Denmark.

I am interested in natural rhythms and how they sync up to create a feeling of belonging. The rhythm of my heartbeat, the rhythm of walking, the patterns of weather, and the mysteries held within. This expressed through performative printmaking will trace a dance with the environment, and allow the viewer to then perceive what is otherwise invisible.

My practice is a form of visual storytelling, conveying moments of interactions in nature. Using walking as a base of the work, the performance is the experience, the film is the piece and the print is the document that this experience happened. The pieces invite viewers into my world to engage with human activity and the use of the body into ways of thinking about our situated place in the world, to evoke a feeling of freedom within the playfulness of creating.

Also conveying these stories I use the medium of monoprinting to capture this movement, the colour that is walked through and the feeling of the weather felt whilst walking. Printmaking means to me ways of thinking and problem solving, as an approach to becoming more alive in a way that asks us to engage with life in a visceral and interactive way.


Fresh Eyes , Performance art, 2018


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