Clare Charnley West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I work across and between object making, performance to camera, video, book works, actions and more. Work often hops between media and processes as it develops. Much of the screen based and online work hints at a longing for the physical and for touch. Other themes include cultural ignorance and ways we are positioned by power relationships (as exemplified by language or objects).

As well as a solo practice, I've made an extended series of collaborations with artists and writers in other countries and have worked with the public in festivals, residencies and public places. For the last 10 years I've worked, mainly online, with artist Patricia Azevedo who is based in Brazil. Currently I am writing an academic book chapter with her. Recently I've worked with Singapore poet Joey Chin on a text and image project that grew organically out of a meandering email correspondence about reading fiction. This was followed by a video-poem made in collaboration with performance poet Lulia Togara.

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