connor mcintyre Devon, United Kingdom
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Painter. Director of Alamo Studio , Plymouth Devon, Masters Degree, Contemporary Art Practice, University of Plymouth, UK 2015 First Class Honours Fine Art, University of Plymouth, UK 2012

Connor's painting practice explores issues such as climate, environment, biodiversity, artificial Intelligence, surveillance capitalism and migration whilst considering our transitory existence in relation to the planet. We are all now Inhabiting a world in flux where accepted norms appear uprooted. Connor's works are made in spirit with William Hogarth's social commentary, William Blakes private language mythology and the Japanese wood-block prints of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi . Connor deploys myriad approaches to his mark making to realise these works, including, Stencil, Traditional Oil Painting techniques , graphite and marker pen . `


Pandemonium and Parade, Mixed Media on Wood Panel , 2021


The Fiery Angels Fell , Mixed Media on Wood Panel , 2021


Different Kettle of Fish, Mixed Media on Wood Panel , 2021


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