Clare Morgan United Kingdom
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Clare Morgan (aka Curiousinkyme) is a Fine Artist, specialising in linocut printmaking. Clare creates beautiful, original artworks, infused with colours that represent growth and healing. Created for strong, independent individuals to uplift the spirit, helping you to create a meaningful and tranquil space at home.

My practice currently explores the connection between human experience and the flow of the seasons through reduction linocut portraiture.

Portraiture carries a universal message, it can inspire, empower, move and encourage us. I want to make our transient experiences and inner world visible through expressive portraits, and meaningful colour palettes.

I have always created, art is where I find my flow. I studied fine art and then went into teaching but as my career progressed I found I hadn’t created for many years. In 2016 I was diagnosed with blood cancer which led to a life-saving stem cell transplant and some re-evaluation.

My current practice was born out of this experience, each piece started as a reminder for myself as I tried to hold onto my own lessons, but over time I learnt that it is a powerful way to encourage and connect with others.

The process of printmaking has remained a constant source of fascination for me. I relish the patience required and the labour involved in preparing the block. I am excited by the element of unpredictability inherently attached to the process. Until the first pull of the print, you are never quite sure what will be revealed.

I mostly work in linocut, exploring a range of processes to bring in colour. Some prints are built up with several plates, or from plates that are repeatedly carved into between each layer until it is eventually destroyed.

It is important to me that you can see evidence of the artist's hand, so I leave behind marks that show the process of its creation, it also creates life and energy in the piece.

I want to share work that celebrates transience, strength and vulnerability, acknowledging that everything is impermanent, imperfect and incomplete and that is beautiful.


Glow and Emergent, 2021



Energy colour linocut print, linocut print on okawara select paper, 2022, £40

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Serenity full colour linocut artwork, linocut print, 2023, £95


Breathe monochrime, Linocut print, 2023, £65


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